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Herb Lubalin’s Mother & Child Logo—the best logo ever?

It has my vote.

Mother & Child Logo

Murray Shoen & Homer LogoAs a newbie to graphic design discovering Herb Lubalin’s work was definitely inspirational (to say the least) and deservingly should be the FIRST entry for my Creativinspirations Blog. Even after 18+ years as a graphic designer, I still look at this logo in wonder and think PERFECTION. It is so simple, yet elegant and beautiful.

I think you can see Lubalin’s influence on the first logo that I created for A.) a “paying” client and B.) was chosen out of gallery of 5-10 designs (submitted by a number of designers), while working at Slideffects in Stamford, CT.

Johnnie D Highway to the Danger ZoneDuring my time at Slideffects, I had the pleasure of working with John Dunne, a real character (think Madmen only it’s not the the 50’s anymore). John could be a pain in the ass (like any true mentor) but he had been with Pepsi during the glory days of 1950’s-60’s NYC Advertising Lore and he taught me alot.

Let me give you a mental picture of our working relationship: John would come to my computer station and brief me on the project at-hand—John looked at a computer like some kind of alien contraption from outer space—he would then proceed to take his shoes off, put his feet up on an adjacent desk and art direct over my shoulder saying things like “I love fried egg sandwiches. I could eat a fried egg sandwich everyday”  in between his impatient instructions to translate what was in his mind’s eye onto the computer screen.

I can look fondly back on this now, laugh and truly appreciate how much graphic design knowledge John passed along to me. I found out recently that Mr. Dunne is no longer with us, so I hope he’s driving his Saab Turbo listening to the Top Gun Soundtrack (which he did everyday on his way home—too funny Johnny D—I miss ya)
That first logo made me realize how much I enjoyed the creative process, especially corporate identity, and also how much I didn’t know about graphic design. So while working full-time at Slideffects, I earned my Master’s in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. The graduate program was in the Puck Building at the time, in downtown NYC – Lafeyette and Houston.

Tony Di SpignaSo I made the reverse commute at night and the Lubalin Connection/Influence continued as I had Tony Di Spigna for a number of typography classes (not to mention critiques). Two words come to mind when I think of Tony… tough love. He had such a passion for graphic design and typography. He posessed a warrior spirit when it came to his craft… a mother bear protecting her young, and Tony’s young was creativity, attention to detail and letterforms. “Don’t settle, push it further. I don’t want to look at or critique a piece of shit. I want to see a work of art” Tony demanded alot, made you defend your ideas / execution through critical thinking and research.

Only on reflection can you see how much you owe to the people that have shaped you, influenced you, helped you and especially inspired you along the way. So thanks to you all and to all a good night.


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